Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Too nice or not mean enough??

Have you ever done and done for a person and all they do is walk all over you? Lately, I have been feeling like I have been doing too much for people and not getting anything in return. Now, I know that your suppose to do for the sake of doing and not wanting anything in return. I have learned when you do too much for people they start to take advantage of you. As Nellz, would say "Drea you just too nice, learn how to say no!" Lol, I love her for that. She lets me bitch about the people that walk all over me and don't shit for me.
I just don't understand how you can loan someone something and they take their precious time getting it back to you. I have the attitude that what's mine is yours. I need to stop that. Over the past couple of months I have loaned countless items and they still haven't been returned. Now I know when I lent the items out the borrowing person knew it was a loan...so where is my stuff??
Or I hate it when a person needs you to do something for them and you do. But when you need them they are no where to be found. Missy always reminds me that I need to stop helping other people especially because when I need them they don't help. Ugh, people just make me so mad sometimes. I do whatever I can to help someone so why don't they help me when I need it?
As, you can see I'm just venting about a certain type of people. I know that no everyone is like that and I'm lucky to know a few good people. So the next time you borrow something from someone try to return it in a timely manor. Or the next time someone calls you for a favor try and do it because the day might come that you will need something from them. Much love!


Nellz said...

awww drea....yes start being mean a little...Shit like that happens to mad people thats why i am how i am...and yea...I doo still have ur jewlery...hehe sorry Ill give it back lmao! and I feel you babe on this blog I hope those out there read it and this can be the tap on the shoulder...not that the verbal and physical signs was not enough..lol but its all good mama god is counting...not them xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

wow...nice blog..