Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Vote or for change...these quotes have become so familiar in our every day vocabulary. Voting in this election was so important. Now I'm not going to say which way I voted. Personally I feel that neither one of them is right for what America needs right now. With the country in a recession even though no one wants to talk about it. I just hope whoever wins will be able to carry the country through this. Times are tough, gas prices are high, unemployment is high, stock is down, and people can't afford to live anymore. WAR NEEDS TO END...bring our men and women home!! Thank you to all of them that have been fighting for our country.
So I went out and voted today and waited in line for 2 hours. Now I know some people only waited 30 4 years I'm either going to vote early or do absentee ballot. I really miss the electronic voting machines. I think its good to have a paper trail since Florida always seems to have a problem with voting. As soon as I was done voting I went straight to my grandparents. As I sat down and discussed my voting experience with my grandmother I realized how truly lucky I am. One I was able to vote in one of the most important elections and two I was also able to witness my grandmother vote in the same election. My grandmother and I watched the news together. While watching the news a reporter stated that whites would not vote for a blacks...and it made me think why can't they say that blacks won't vote whites.
So now we know Obama will be the next president. I hope that he will show great leadership. More importantly, I hope Americans will give him a chance. I hope that he will be able to help America out of these troubled times. For everyone who went out and vote...Good job...if you didn't vote then you can't say shit...haha. Its nice to be a part of history. Has this 'm election changed peoples views on race? Maybe maybe not....I'm Andrea and I approve this
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Nellz said...

you know something its is a handful for anybody who would have became president...but im happy it was obama...he is honest and said he wants the change and he did not gas us by saying this and this will happen asap..he said it may not take a year or a termm but the change will be here and we will see it...and im happy your grandpa got to vote befor his time mayhe rest in peace....ur so cute...u got best of both worlds...oreo!! hehe love u mama and take care.....check out my chapters i post form my book i post about 2 a week...