Friday, January 9, 2009

Ball of Confusion??

Lately...I have been seriously confused. Ugh between men and friends and I use both terms loosely. Is cheating the new black? And is lying a part time job for friendships? As well all know...

I'm always having some type of man drama. I'm still attracting men with girlfriends/ wifeys. I mean what's really good with that? Where ever the sign on my body that says if you have a wifey come holla at me I want it taken off of me now! In a day and age where I don't think people really value relationships...I'm stuck trying to find a real SINGLE man that won't cheat. Believe me its like finding a needle in a hay stack. Then the other problem is if I have a man will he cheat on me?? Well my answer is yes. I think all men cheat. Now I'm not gonna put all my business out there but I know many guys that have a wifey and fool around with other chicks. Just know that I don't play #2 very well, because #2 is the first loser and who the hell wants to be that??

Why is it that when you start to vibe with someone you push things a little faster then you should?? I started kicking it with this guy but its only been a week. I love spending time with him but I can't allow myself to get too close. He has a lot of good qualities but also has a few things I don't like. I don't trust any man as far as I can throw him. And lately guys haven't had a good track record with me. I have become so heartless due to all the shit that has happened to me. So I either rush things or I freak out and mess them up. So now of course he's being distant....but is he really someone I wanna be with?? Who the fuck knows....certainly not me.

Friends....they are just as hard to find as a real man. Now I'm not going to talk about this long but. I feel like I only have a few true friends. When I say a few I mean like 3 or 4. Everyone else to me is fake or people I chill with every once in awhile. Basically, if your my friend you don't need to lie to me. Just me honest please. Honestly is the key to any relationship. And why lie about something that broke up our friendship once before. I give people 3 chances and if you mess choose to use them on the same mistake that's on you. Is a guy really worth a friendship? I think not especially when he's trying to play both of you.

Well, I think I have said all I needed to say for one night. The year has been great other than this few issues...much love to all my blogheads. I hope your having a great new year!