Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fate....or just good timing

Yesterday was an interesting day....I ran into a friend that I havent spoke to in 6 months. Its surprising that we live so close to each but never crossed paths. He had been on my mine alot the past couple of weeks. And from what he says I was on his as well.

So this is basically what happened....I went to publix to buy something for lunch since my mom did not cook what I asked her too...which in turn left me with no lunch. Just a side note I hate the mall food court. As Im walking into publix I felt someone touch my neck. I turned around thinking it was just some random heart dropped as it was none other than "Mr. Brown Sugar". My heart was pounding so hard...I didn't know what to think or even say. But he broke the ice by saying "I could recognize that ass any day" Of course we caught up as best we could within the 20 mins we spent walking around the store. He is still with the psycho chick(if you read my blogs its the chick from my posting called "Myspace Drama") she brings me up Now him and I dont talk at all but she is still worried about me which i think is funny. I'm not the type to break up a happy home which is why I him be. He also spoke about certain things going on in his life and how he wish I was there for him because I'm the only person that knows how to handle him. I told him about all the going ons in my life which he somehow already We basically run with the same circle but stay away from places we know we will see each other. I let him know how much I missed having him in my life...after all he is one of my best friends. It felt so good to see him but the time went by too fast. This happened just yesterday and we cant even speak....its so hard knowing that a person is so close yet so far away.I know that him and I will ending up being together cause we have been through way to much just to give up on each other. As we are saying goodbye he asked me one question...."are we still brown sugar?" with a smile on my face I looked him in the eyes and said "if you even have to ask there's something wrong with you."

So this blog is dedicated to you "Mr. Brown Sugar" cause you said I never write blogs anymore. So hopefully you will read this and know that I'm thinking about you. And how much you truly mean to me.....Love you...

you are the perfect verse over a tight beat!