Thursday, October 16, 2008


Love...where do I even began. We all have a chance it at it just depends whether we take it or not. I feel that I have only been in love twice before. There was my high school sweetheart and my most recent ex. There are people like my grandparents who find it and make it last forever. Then there are people who give up when times get rough. I have always hoped for love like my grandparents. The best way to describe it would be the movie The Notebook.

Now if I were to sit here and say I don't love me ex that would be a lie. I'm going to love him forever. Him and I have and had good times and bad times. He knows that I'm in love with him and I know that he's in love me. In many ways I believe that he is the one for me. We have put each other through a lot in the last couple of months. We have crossed that line into hate once or twice. But at the end of the day my heart is with him. He once told me that I love him unconditionally which is true. I love him for the person he is and the person I am when I'm with him. I don't love him for what he can buy for me or what he can do for me...I simply love him for him. Now I know me talking about loving him so much is strange because we are no longer together but there is always a chance that we might work through this. For a long time I had given up on love myself.

I always struggle with the fact that being in love cause pain. Even if you spend your entire life with someone and they pass you end up with a broken heart. Or if you are with someone for a while and then they all of a sudden fall out of love with you. Then you end up with a broken heart. When people say love is for suckers I understand it because its a big risk to fall in love. You could always end up getting hurt but if you don't take a shot at love you can lose out on even more. As of right now my love is on lockdown. The course of love never runs smoothly...there are many ups and downs. As long as you are a strong couple and have trust then you will be able to with stand anything. I wanna take some time to show some love to some couples that I truly respect and admire: my grandparents, Nellz and Turbo, April and Kurt, Patty and Tim, Kristen and Tony and any other couple I forgot.

**Sidenote** Yesterday was my grandfather 86th Birthday. I'm was glad to be able to spend this day with him. I love you are my world!

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Nellz said...

thanks will have that somebody who gives u the love that u always gave out!! ok mama... xoxo love u off!!