Friday, December 12, 2008


I just wanted to give my fellow blogheads an update on me. As always I'm spending a lot of time with my family and friends. I truly have the holiday blues. Its also hard not having my grandpa here this year. Plus my best friends moved up north and the won't be coming home for the holidays. So I don't want a Christmas tree. I don't feel like Christmas shopping and dealing with the lines. All in all I just wish I could skip the holidays this year. I'm trying to get into modeling for car shows and doing pin up. I'm just trying to eat right and exercise to make sure that my body will be looking right for my first photo shoot that will hopefully be in the next couple of weeks or in Jan. This has been something that I always wanted to get into and now I actually have the chance so I'm going to go for it. I still think I'm a little shy for it but a lot of people are encouraging me to model. So I will certainly keep you posted. Lovelife....where do I begin. Lately, I have been attracting guys with girlfriends and that isn't my style so I have to tell them to keep it moving. Plus the one guy that I actually think I can have something real with is playing games. He's with the chick one day and the next he isn't. So of course on his off days he's rapping in my ear telling me he loves me and stuff like that. My heart has been through so much this year I can't take it anymore. But I must admit there is a lot of sexy sexy men trying to holla lately. At least they gave me some kind of hope. Well that's basically it about me. 2009 is my time to shine. You will be hearing a lot of me in the coming years. I can't wait! Its truly time to show the world what I'm made of. Oh and my homegirl Nellz is writing a book called "the good life" check it out through blogpsot. She has madd talent...and I also expect great things from her in 2009 as well. Much love!


Super Woman said...

NO! Dont fall for it!!!

I attract guys with girlfriends and as far as the on again off again boyfriend tell him get it together then talk to you later because i've been there (with the guy talking to his girlfriend then wanting to talk to me) and it cant do anything but turn out messy. I had to curse him out and tell him GO AWAY! lol

I Hope in the end you also enjoy your holidays. I love Xmas commercials but just like you i dont like shopping worth a damn!

Nellz said...

noww minnie u know i knwo the inside scoop hehe dont worry it was not a negative on ur side...about the model go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!! please love you mama