Monday, May 17, 2010

Don't call it a come back...

I'm not sure if anyone still reads my post but I'm back and promise to write something at least once a week. I can't even remember the last time I have posted something. I have to start someone on the update so here it goes....

2010 has been a year of learning and letting go. I have decided to end a friendship with someone that I considered to be my best friend. I appear to be a strong person and I am but I sometimes forget how strong I truly am. Lately I have allowed people to walk all over me. But not anymore, I'm putting my foot down. I respect myself way too much then to let you treat me like this. No more of your games.

I feel that I have grown a lot of the past couple of year. I refuse to be with a man that is cheating on me and feels that forgiveness is only one gift away. I would rather be alone then to be in an unhappy relationship. There are plenty of men that would like to be in a relationship with me but i refuse to settle. The right man will come on day.....until then I'm having fun with the Mr. Right Now'

I'm currently working two jobs and I finally have my own place. My roommates are not the best but whatever I can deal with it. I'm tossing around the idea of moving to NY. I feel like now is time for a chance since I have no family or relationship holding me back. Your 20's are the trial and errors phase, 30's are for settling down and preparing your home and career and 40's are too enjoy what you have made of your life.

I have slowed down on the party scene because I was getting in way too deep. I feel like I drink to get rid of my problems but that only numbs them for the time being. When you sober up the problems are right where you left them. Plus, it was getting old running into the same people all the time.

I have decide to become a vegatrian and I'm enjoying it thus far. I think its a great change for my lifestyle and i have also decided to give up soda. Its so bad for you. The only thing that I cant give up is my coffee but I have cut down a great deal.

I'm still the same old me just trying to improve my life and prepare for my future. I still have a group of amazing people supporting me and i have got rid of some of the dead weight. My life is amazing and I love living it! If you where waiting for a new post here you go. I hope you enjoyed the "come back" lol and I promise to do better. Let me know your thoughts....

Much Love

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