Saturday, December 27, 2008

Myspace Drama

I don't even know where to began...a female decided to write me on myspace. Now I'm really not the type to entertain these type of actions. But she basically tried to G check me. I understand why she may feel threatened by me because her man and I are extremely close. Him and I have been best friends and close to relations for 7 years now.

Him and I stopped taking for a few weeks and then on Christmas she decided to send me a message on myspace. The message stated the following " thanks for leaving my man alone and Merry Christmas." Now first of all who the fucked ends a message like that. If your gonna go hard then go hard. Don't try to add any niceness to it. So, after I read the message I just laughed. Stuff like this is funny to me. I not the type of female to do something like that. You have to be pretty insecure to search for the person on myspace and wrote them on some bull.

So I called him and asked him what the letter was all about. He didn't even know about it. So I sent him a screen shot...thank god for that option on He called me back and said sorry on her behalf. I told him that I would leave it alone and not even respond back. Which is hard to believe because all my friends and I feel like she came at me wrong. I'm still not sure what makes me so mad about it...the fact that she wrote me or that she wrote me on Christmas.

Well, I ended up writing her back even though I shouldn't have. I was having a bad day and she caught me at the wrong time. I basically let her know what the deal was. So of course I'm waiting for her to respond back to me. I already know what she's gonna say. I'm mad at myself for even lowering myself to her level but at the same time I'm not going to allow anybody come at me wreckless.

This whole thing has put me outta my element. I don't have time for this. I'm moving on with my life and I don't have time for this petty drama. Him and I know what we have. I understand that many people don't get it but him and I do. He's just like me and I'm just like So if your reading this you know the DEAL!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and Santa was good to you. Much love...kisses


What Women Want said...

Her message says says a lot about her, her wackness and the relationship that she has with her man (or lack thereof)...

Don't let it get to you, because no matter what you say or do in this situation, she will always have it out for you...

Try and stay on the high road.


Anonymous said...


You are too cute for that bullshit...!:)

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